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Robotic Surfing

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Robotic Surfing Software

Software For
Professional Internet Marketers

Move to the top spots on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Quickly find and connect with blog sites in your niche area.

Create buzz on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Kick start your viral marketing campaign for FREE.

Drive highly targeted customers/readers to your website.

Blog Sites and Search Engines
One of the most effective ways to move to the top of the search engines is by building highly targeted back links or as they call it in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, good "link Wordpress Blog Poster Posting Extractor Harvester Softwarejuice."  Search engines always rank very popular websites higher, however, you've got to be selective about your links.  Unlike the old days, search engines know the tricks of the trade.  Link farms and other low-quality websites can cause more harm than good.  It's not worth getting your site blacklisted permanently.  Blog commenting is considered one of the top link strategies used by professional SEOs.  In addition to building targeted back links, blog commenting instantly increases your traffic by bringing interested blog readers visiting your site. 

The downside to blog commenting is that it takes work and is extremely time consuming.   Outsourcing to college kids or cheap overseas labor can be costly.  Imagine the profitability if those costs were eliminated?

Our software is the ideal solution - it automates this process at a minimum cost.   It will find all the WordPress blogs related to a keyword.  You can then use ourInternet Marketing Software automatic commenting software to comment to each blog at any set time interval.  For those of you that would prefer to read the blog before commenting, we have a semi-automatic commenter that will list all the blog sites you've found and allow you to open each blog url one at a time.  It will then allow you read the blog while it automatically fills in your Name, Email, and Website.  When you're ready, you can type in a custom comment and submit.  The benefit is saving hours of redundant work.  You can quickly navigate to the blog url and do away with manually cutting and pasting the same information.

Facebook has more than 750 million active users with over 50% logging on everyday.  Anyone with a low-budget or no-budget can quickly promote their website or blog.  It is truly
Facebook Fan Page Finder Extractor Harvester Posting Posteran internet marketer's dream in promoting their products, services or website for free.  In a matter of hours or days, Facebook users can be visiting your site to buy products, services or reading your blog.

You can target specific Facebook users visiting your website or blog.  Facebook is filled with niche groups and fan pages on any area of interest.  For example, you could pick a group or fan page of yoga, weight loss, your favorite musician, favorite book author or products such as iPods or iPhones.  

Our software will search the keywords and harvest the Facebook group or fan page urls.  You can then use our Facebook Poster to automatically log into your Facebook account, navigate to the Facebook group or fan page url and post a wall comment.  You can set the software to pause for a specific time (10 mins, 2 hours, 10 hours) and then log in again and repeat the process.  The software also allows for multiple accounts; a different wall post can be made by a different account.

Imagine if you were targeting fans of a weight loss page.  There are many weight loss pages that have more than 10,000 to 20,000 fans each.  If you made a wall post about a new weight loss product you started taking that helped you lose 10 lbs in 10 days, within an hour, you would be flooded with friends wanting to buy that weight loss product.

Group and fan page target marketing is very powerful and effective.  It is one of the best ways to target a niche group of Facebook users.  The beauty behind this marketing strategy is immediate results and ....  IT'S FREE!!

We also offer other time-saving software such as an automatic Facebook posting that would allow you to pre-write your post several days in advance and post to your personal wall at any set time interval.  As an example, you could type up 20, 40 wall posts ahead of time and let our surfing robot log into your Facebook account every 2 hours to make a post. 

The top two social media marketing platforms are Facebook and Twitter tweet poster posting tweeting Twitter.  Twitter has more than 175 million active users making it an essential marketing channel that cannot be ignored.  Many businesses today are successfully using Twitter to market their products or services.

Tweeting is fun at first but it becomes a chore as time goes on.  To effectively use Twitter, you need to be tweeting every hour or every few hours.  Who has the time to log in and tweet every few hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  That's where our Robotic Surfer comes in.  You can pre-write all your tweets ahead of time and put our robotic surfing software to work.  Our robotic surfer will log in and post a tweet every few hours or every 10 minutes if you like.

YouTube is the number 3 highest traffic website on the internet following Google and Facebook.  YouTube has over 490 million unique users worldwide YouTube Finder Harvester Extractor Poster Postingper month.  An average user spends around 21 minutes watching videos every day.  YouTube is here to stay and smart internet marketers are creatively capitalizing on their successes.

Smart internet marketers are using YouTube to target a specific group of users.  For example, a weight loss internet marketer would search YouTube using the keyword "weight loss."  Tens of thousands of videos related to weight loss will show up.  Videos ranging from exercise programs and diet plans to weight loss formulas.  Every comment to a video is in plain view to all the viewers.  Some videos are seen by more than a million people.  Can you see how smart internet marketers are creatively driving viewers to their company, blog, or website?

Our software will help automate YouTube commenting.  YouTube Finder will search the keywords and harvest the YouTube video urls.   YouTube commenter will automatically log into your YouTube account, navigate to the YouTube video url and post a comment.  You can set the software to pause for a specific time (10 mins, 2 hours, 10 hours) and then log in again and repeat the process.  The software also allows for multiple accounts; a unique comment can be made by a different account.

Mass Email Marketing
Email marketing has been around since the advent of the "email."  Many direct marketers quickly switched from direct mailing to email mailing which saved them a lot of money.  There's no need to pay for printing brochures, envelopes, postcards, catalogs and postage.  Email mailing is free.  Do you now know why your email is flooded with junk mail every hour of every day?

Why doesn't every website business use mass email marketing to promote their website?  Most people don't know what they are doing and often run into problems.  Most ISPs won't allow users to type in over 100 emails in Outlook Express email and hit the send button.  ISPs will immediately block those emails and freeze your ISP service. 

It gets very tricky to do mass email marketing.  The good news is we've solved many of those problems for you.  Our software will allow you to email hundreds, if not thousands of email addresses without your local ISP knowing.  Each of the emails are sent with authentication so the email spam filters, especially Gmail and Yahoo, will not block the email from reaching its destination.  The emails will not show the IP address of your ISP; if the email recipient complains (and a small percentage will), the complaint doesn't get back to your ISP.  Most ISPs will shut your account down if they receive too many complaints.  No ISP means no internet connection.  That's why it is important that mass emails are sent without any traceability of your ISP's IP address. 

We have a complete line of mass email software from start to finish.  Software includes email harvesting for targeting specific niches.  You can type in a keyword such as "yoga" and harvest hundreds if not thousands of emails from yoga related websites.  We also have email management and verification software for cleaning up, managing and verifying your email campaign.


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